The Straight Dope About Dosage

This can be a tricky subject. I am going to simplify things in sections based on how you might use the BudBasics with the recipes on this site. Then, within the recipes I will outline which dosage will result in what approximate, per edible, milligram amount.

Coconut oil, I usually make three different doses. The Lightweight: 7 grams of flower (OR) 14 grams shake per 1.25 cups oil. The Moderate: 14 grams of flower (OR) 28 grams of shake per 1.25 cups oil. The Chronic: 28 grams of flower (OR) 56 grams of shake per 1.25 cups oil.

Budter, I follow the same three dosing names, but the grams vary. I do this so that things are easily divisible by dozens because my BakedBaking recipes generally yield in the dozens so you might want to be able to do that math simply. If you make your budter in doses divisible by 12, it’s just simpler to estimate if your cookie has 25/50/100 mg. The Lightweight: 9 grams of flower (OR) 18 grams shake per 1.25 cups clarified butter. The Moderate: 18 grams of flower (OR) 36 grams shake per 1.25 cups clarified butter. The Chronic: 36 grams flower (OR) 72 grams shake per 1.25 cups clarified butter.

Cooked Honey and cooking oils, I usually make one steady dosing and then dilute with raw honey or added oil if I want to make my end product weaker. It just makes the whole thing easier, really. 14 grams of flower (OR) 28 grams of shake per 2.25 cups of honey.

Stoner’s Suggestion: if you are on a budget, or happen to come into a good deal on some quantity, you might want to make a Chronic batch and dilute it down for specific recipes. I definitely recommend “starting small” when it comes to your initial intake! You can always get higher, but you can’t climb back down quickly!

*NOTE: The Chronic relies on a big batch being made at once, this is for CannaCooks who are cooking large batches of product.
Also, don’t worry about remembering this in detail right now, I will include each dosing with all InfusionInstructions in a handy little chart for your convenience!

Let’s Get Baked …

Jenn’s Baked, Inc. was established in 2004 when TheBaker had her first child. Looking to spend more time with BunOne, independently earning, she began her CookieCompany sending “CookieGrams” around the world. Over time, a love of baking and getting baked combined to create the perfect storm of passion and productivity. The results became quickly popular among friends, the rumors about the best edibles spread and, soon, TheBaker could no longer make to share, or individually teach, quickly enough. And so … the idea of this publication was born.

The moment this was a thought, there was an influx of amazing ideas including an entire series of more Baked Baking Books to come, a video series that is in development, and the online ordering for our topical products via The timing divine, the month of April 2020 upon us, the legalization of edibles actualized – especially made by yourself, for yourself – and with the entire world under a global pandemic watch, all at once; coupled with my natural preference for inspiring independence in others – this project simply put itself together. It has been the most wonderful exercise of discipline, to be honest. While I have loved creating so many things over the last two decades of BakedBaking, I have never genuinely sat to compile the knowledge I have gained into a “one stop shop” of information before.

Of course, this wouldn’t be at all possible if it weren’t for the fantastic, creative minds (and hungry bellies) around me. Special shout out to Curtis Smith, of TrueLineGraphics, for his limitless talent and magically intuitive mind that puts down exactly what I imagine without more than me thinking of it.

Always grateful for and of my children, for inspiring me to be the person I am, and to be better every day than the last; and, also for their patience with me when I get an idea and decide to just get it done, right quick. For all of those who have contributed along the way – my guinea pigs, the taste testers; those who have made special requests that became staples; everyone who has ever sat and played the NameGame with us to come up with, what we think are, the wittiest, weediest names around!! For every bit of inspiration, motivation, and support I have received from the many kind hearts that surround me – Thank You!

always and in all ways